Yamashiro Winter Dessert Specials

banana crepes

Every year there are a few signs we can look for to indicate that we're in the midst of the holiday season: the temperature begins to drop, the evenings are lit up by colorful lights, and the most exciting of them all, the homemadeWinter Dessert Specials make their return to the Yamashiro menu! This Winter we welcome back two rich, holiday tasting delights: our Banana Crepes and Eggnog Bread Pudding.

The Banana Crepes (pictured above), with banana pastry cream, chocolate sorbet and candied pecans, are like biting into two banana flavored pillows of love. The chunks of fresh banana contained inside provide this dessert with a tasty little surprise. The dark chocolate sorbet can also not be overlooked. Every time we taste this dish it's a wonder how pastry chef Alejandro Andrade has managed to create such a rich tasting "sorbet." We are very excited to have this dish back on the dessert menu.

The Eggnog Bread Pudding is a rich dessert that gives you just what a holiday dessert should: a warm and fuzzy feeling each time you take a bite.  The golden rum raisin ice cream, roasted gala apples and toasted cashews with a mocha anglaise combine to give the pudding a delicious assortment of well developed flavors. This is a bread pudding unlike any other you've tasted.

Here's to Winter, and here's to the return of these two very special Winter treats!