Yamashiro History: Japanese Gardens

One of the main attractions at Yamashiro since its completion has been its gardens. The Japanese style gardens dominate the grounds surrounding the restaurant with plant species imported from Japan. The gardens were designed by Aldoph Bernheimer and Andreas Orum, the Berheimers’ landscaper. The gardens are terraced in concentric circles down the hill, which are defined by masonry and concrete retaining walls. The original garden design included tea houses, pavilions, aviaries and a miniature replica of a Japanese village. One of the most popular features is the pagoda, now located by the pool, which was shipped over from Japan and is over 600-years-old. Some of the more unique plants you’ll find in the gardens are bonsai trees, Korean grass, Japanese pines and creeping cypress. The original water features, which once had miniature bronze houseboats floating through them, are still operating today. The original cost to have the gardens made was $2 million during construction from 1911-1914. Taking inflation into account, today that cost would have been equal to over $46 million. And to think the Bernheimer’s use to charge just a nickel for visitors to tour the gardens. Times have changed, thankfully the beauty and presence of our Moutain Palace does not.