The Pagoda: 600 Years and Counting

yamashiro japanese pagoda

Here's a little bit of fun trivia: what is the oldest structure in California? The title of this post may have given it away, but the correct answer is, in fact, Yamashiro's Pagoda! As Yamashiro celebrates our 100-year anniversary, we would like to pay tribute to a building that has it beat by centuries.

The history of the Pagoda can be traced all the way back to 14th century Japan. Pagodas historically were used as Buddhist places of worship, with the inside used to house relics and sacred writings. Then in 1914, the Bernheimer Brothers constructed a Japanese mountain palace meant to house their collection of Japanese antiques. That palace became the Yamashiro that you see today. As part of the construction, the Bernheimer Brothers brought the Pagoda over from Japan, and it has graced the Yamashiro grounds ever since.

Today the Pagoda can be seen on the exterior property near the outdoor Pagoda Bar and next to the swimming pool. Behind the Pagoda you can see the breathtaking Hollywood skyline, one of the very best views in all of Los Angeles. When you look at it you are looking 600 years into the past. When you consider the fact that the state of California itself is less than 200 years old, the age and preservation of the Pagoda becomes even more remarkable.

We are honored to possess this historic piece of architecture and hope that Yamashiro remains its home for another 600 years.