Thanksgiving Tips from Chef Brock

thanksgiving dinner

Who better to get Thanksgiving cooking tips from a world class chef? Luckily we have one in-house in our own Chef Brock. The chef was kind enough to share with us a few tips for adding some unique flavors to your Thanksgiving dinner:

1. "Every year I make my own cranberry sauce – 5 Spice-candied ginger cranberries." Ingredients 2 C Fresh Cranberries 1 TB Fresh Ginger – minced 3 TB Crystal Ginger – chopped 1 Tsp Curry Powder ½ Tsp 5-spice 1 ½ c Sugar 2 C Red Wine

Directions 1. Cook cranberries and fresh ginger with a little vegetable oil until cranberries begin to burst. 2. Add wine and sugar – reduce. 3. Add the rest of ingredients and season with salt and pepper.

2. "Brine the turkey overnight. I use Alton Brown’s Turkey Brine – fool proof and delicious. Also – don’t burn it."

3. "I have been using the turkey leftovers the next day and cooking them with my red mole sauce – and then having tacos for leftovers. It is fun, different than the previous night’s traditional dinner, and very Californian – it also goes great with the 5 spice ginger cranberries."