Summertime Bar


  With Los Angeles as our backyard, we can’t help but love when summertime rolls around. Voted one of the Best Outdoor Bars in LA by LAist, our Pagoda Bar is the place to be during these warm Hollywood nights. Want to bring some of our Pagoda Bar charm to your backyard bashes? Just a few ingredients is all it takes!

  Although a nice blended margarita sounds awesome for a day by the pool, you don’t want to spend your whole party in the kitchen making everyone’s drinks. A few things we recommend to put on your grocery list are flavored sake, ginger beer, passion fruit juice, vodka and rum. Our summertime bar uses these few ingredients in many of our specialty cocktails. With the sake and vodka you can whip up a fresh sake-martini much like our Pineapple Sake-tini. We infuse the pineapple sake in house! So don’t be shy to play around with some fruit and make your own infused sake. Another popular cocktail is the refreshing Moscow Mule. With the vodka you can add a little ginger beer and a squeeze of lime and like magic you’ve got one of our most popular drinks. Last but definitely not least is the rum! Add a little passion fruit juice and you have a similar cocktail to our Norman’s Mai Tai. With only four main ingredients and simple mixing you will have a cocktail menu fit for an island...or your backyard bash.