Summer Eats: Dessert


We have a few summer specials to share with you, but we're big fans of having dessert first, so here we are with Summer Eats: Dessert!


This summer we are featuring this decadent Peach Almond Crumble that walks the line between food and art. This is one of those desserts where every bite offers something different - from the homemade brown sugar ice cream and sweet roasted peaches to the house-made peach sauce and vanilla almond cream, all the way to the sprig of mint to garnish - this dessert has it all. Different colors, textures, and even temperatures come together to make a crumble almost too pretty to eat...almost.

On your next summer evening at Yamashiro, save a little room for dessert and enjoy our Peach Almond Crumble as the sun goes down over Hollywood!