SerendipiTEA Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

Have you recently sipped from a cup of tea at Yamashiro and wondered how we get our tea so smooth and delicious? Well, the secret is where we get our tea from. Our loose leaf tea comes from SerendipiTea, a New York-based artisanal tea company. The quality of tea is dependent on the quality of the tea leaves, and SerendipiTea is committed to importing only the finest quality teas.

How does the company assure that their tea is better than the rest? SerendipiTea works closely with tea gardens, estates and specialists from all over the world, including Japan, China, and Sri Lanka to find the highest quality leaves. Not only is the tea the best tasting, but it’s also healthy and environmentally responsible. SerendipiTea sources their tea from organic farms and uses all-natural products. The next time you sip down a cup of fragrant and flavorful tea with us you can take comfort in knowing that great lengths were taken to ensure what you’re drinking is up to the Yamashiro standard of excellence.

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