Seikyo Namazake: Rare Seasonal Sake at Yamashiro

Seikyo Namazake

We're excited to announce that Yamashiro is now serving Seikyo Namazake. This is a rare seasonal sake that typically does not make it to the United States very often. In fact, only 50 cases of this fine Japanese beverage were sent to the US.

Seikyo Namazake is a sake of the highest quality that is produced by Nakao Brewery in Takehara, Japan. Nakao uses Omachi rice, which was discovered over 150 years ago and is one of the oldest existing sake rices. The sake through a fermentation and a brewing process that shares more similarities to that of beer than wine.

The result is a sake that has a rich and soft taste with crisp notes of ripe watermelon, mango, and citrus in the finish. You will notice it tastes much more bright, rich and fruity than your typical sake. We encourage you to come try Seikyo Namazake for yourself before this rare gem runs out!