Scallop Sashimi with Peach Salsa


“Melt in your mouth”… what comes to our mind? Our new scallop sashimi dish! Ingeniously created by chef Brock, and executed by sushi supervisor Regner Damian, this new winter special is no short of a dreamy sashimi experience. Surrounded by sea in all directions, Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido harvests scallops that are coveted by many of the world’s greatest chefs. Sitting on a bed of crème fraiche dusted with koji and pink peppercorns, these buttery, rich Hokkaido scallops are the base for this exciting new dish. Grilled peaches compliment the richness of the scallops and crème fraiche with a little acidic and fresh bite. Not your common salsa, this peach topping has hints of spice with red jalapeno, yuzu paste, ginger and ponzu, creating the perfect zing to every bite! Between the sweet, hot, and sour salsa and creaminess of the sashimi, it truly creates an umami experience with every bite.