Sake-Ponzu Oyster Shooter: A Cocktail and Appetizer in One Gulp

oyster shooter

Are you a seafood fan who also enjoys the occasional alcoholic beverage? If so, then you'll have to become acquainted with Yamashiro's Sake-Ponzu Oyster Shooter.

The oyster shooter can be considered part appetizer and part cocktail. Oyster shooters sometimes feature vodka or whiskey, but ours are served Japanese style, with strong, tasty sake. To prepare the shooter, freshly shucked Willapa Bay oysters, along with their watery juices are poured into a glass, where the oysters swim in tasty layers of sake, ponzu sauce, sliced scallions, and are topped with smelt egg and chili paste.  The result is an intense seafood concoction that is salty and spicy with hints of vinegar.

Does this sound a little unusual? Maybe, but you can't knock something until you've tried it! The next time you're trying to deciding how to start off your meal, consider satisfying both your hunger and thirst all at once by ordering a Sake-Ponzu Oyster Shooter.