Red Wine Poached Apple Crepes


What is it about dessert that no matter how full you may feel, there’s always room to sink your teeth into just one mouthful of that luscious, sweet, decadence. Chef Brock and head pastry chef Alejandro Andrade have brought to us a new spin on an old favorite this winter; The ever so addictive…sweet crepes. Red Wine Poached Apple Crepes exude a dance in your mouth with the silky red wine caramel sauce, and the melting cold pistachio ice cream. Each delicate crepe is filled with whipped Chantilly cream flavored with yummy vanilla. Apples join the cream after being poached in red wine, cinnamon, specks of vanilla beans, and even some black pepper for a little spice! Once tucked away inside the crepes, that luscious poaching liquid becomes the warm red wine caramel sauce to ooze and drizzle over the top. A few caramelized pecans are exciting crunchy and sugary bites of goodness that you just might fight over with whomever you are sharing with. Two dollops of cold, home-made pistachio ice cream adds the nutty, curious taste that brings the complex flavors together. A few drops of pistachio oil, and a sprig of mint on top, and this dessert is fit for a king! In fact,  we think even Marie Antoinette would be drooling…