Moscow Mules and the history of the Copper Mug

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Most people know that Moscow Mules, a cocktail comprised of vodka, ginger beer, and lime, are supposed to come in a copper mug. Some people don't think it matters much what glass it comes in, and some people would consider it blasphemous to serve a mule in anything but! At Yamashiro, your Moscow Mule comes in an exclusive copper mug branded with the Yamashiro logo, and, like Yamashiro itself, the history of the cocktail is an interesting one.

According to legend, the Moscow Mule was born out of a meeting of three people who had something to sell: John Martin, who recently purchased Smirnoff, needed to sell vodka; Jack Morgan, owner of the Cock n' Bull pub on Sunset strip, was hoping to profit off of his side project of ginger beer; and a third unnamed friend mentioned her supply of copper mugs that she needed to discard. History says that at this meeting, the trio decided to put all three together with a squeeze of lime and subsequently launched a wildly successful campaign using photos of both celebrities and bartenders with the copper mugs. And a legend was born! The history notwithstanding, many say the copper mug is most practical to its cocktail pair. The copper quickly turns icy from the cold drink, maintaining a cool temperature for the chilled drink. Some even say the copper adds to the taste of the cocktail, but that is not widely agreed upon. Either way, we have to admit that the cocktail looks best in it's famed glassware, and we won't be challenging history any time soon! Join us at Yamashiro and try one for yourself. Want to add your opinion on the Moscow Mule and the copper mug phenomenon? Comment below!

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