Moscow Mule: The Classic Hollywood Cocktail

bartender serving moscow mule

The drink known as the "Moscow Mule" - a favorite among patrons of the Yamashiro Lounge - is a historic cocktail with deep Hollywood roots. This smooth and refreshing drink was invented in the 1940s and quickly became a favorite among Hollywood celebrities, helping lead to the U.S. vodka craze of the 50s and 60s.

A Moscow Mule is made by mixing vodka, ginger beer, lime and served on the rocks in a copper cup. Why those three main ingredients you ask?

The story goes that on one night in 1941, three powerful men in the alcohol business met at a hotel bar for drinks. And as many readers must know, after a few drinks, people can begin to say some pretty "interesting" things. This night was no exception, but in the midst of that inebriation, a sudden spark of genius hit the three men. They wondered what would happen if you mixed vodka, ginger beer and lime together into one drink. Well, what happened was the birth of a delicious and classic LA cocktail.

It's a simple recipe, but what truly makes a cocktail taste great is quality ingredients, and what is most notable about Yamashiro's mule is that our ginger beer is entirely homemade, ensuring the freshest possible ingredients.

If you've never sipped on a Moscow Mule before, the next time you visit the Lounge we encourage you to ask the bartender to serve you up one of these tasty copper cups of Hollywood history.

Moscow Mule