Honey Rye

Honey Rye cocktail

Today we would like to share with you our Honey Rye -- a delicious cocktail that combines rye whiskey and honey liqueur. Rye, a whiskey that largely disappeared after Prohibition, has been making a big revival in recent years, as people discover the spicy, fruity flavor that distinguishes rye from other types of whiskey.


The Honey Rye contains rye whiskey, honey liqueur, orange bitters, a splash of ginger ale and an orange twist garnish. It is a simple, yet dynamic drink. One potential drawback to drinks that use flavored liqueur is the possibility of the drink being far too sweet. But the Honey Rye is a perfectly balanced cocktail, as the sweetness of the honey provides a nice balances to the rye, which is much drier than other whiskey such as bourbon. The ginger ale then gives it a crisp, refreshing taste, resulting in a strong cocktail that has just the right amount of sweetness without dulling the distinct kick of rye.

We encourage you to give this tasty cocktail a try, and see why drinks like the Honey Rye are leading the way in a new golden age of whiskey!