Guest Chef Series II


It's back!! We are pleased to introduce Manouschka Guerrier to join Chef Brock in our second installment of our Guest Chef Series! This former model uses Caribbean and Haitian flare to inspire her LA based brand, Single Serving. You've seen her on Food Network's "Private Chefs of Beverly Hills", and OWN Network's "My Own Time",showing her bright personality and passion for cooking.

"I am psyched to welcome one of my best friends and her larger-than-life personality into the Yamashiro kitchen. We’re going to knock out a kick-ass menu!," says Chef Brock about Guerrier.

We all can't wait to have a taste of the Caribbean/Haitian/Asian/Californian cuisine! Book now! Only 40 seats available!

For media inquiries please contact John Bergano,  head of Marketing & Event Sales.  or (323) 466-5125