Front Porch Pops at Yamashiro Farmers Market

front porch pops

With the weather on the rise and everyone in Los Angeles sweating through the dog days of August, any opportunity to cool off for a moment is a welcomed one. Thankfully, each week we have the chance to chill out with a delicious gourmet ice pop from Front Porch Pops!

The Story of Front Porch Pops

“The day after Christmas 2010, Front Porch Pops proprietor and chef, Erin Whitcomb, sat on a bar stool in Seattle next to her friend Kiah. In a moment of Maker’s Mark-fueled bravery, she blurted out, “So, I’ve been thinking about popsicles…like a lot.”

Over a year after being laid off from her job as an event planner at a TV station she was mulling over the notion of pursuing her first love of cooking as a new career path. Well-versed in Erin’s history of delicious creations, Kiah replied, “Awesome! Go for it!”

With that, Front Porch Pops was born. Well…almost…

Months of recipe development, research and what many deemed frighteningly pop-centric behavior ensued before finally, in June 2011, we proudly sold our first pop.

From that first Tangy Lemon Cream sold to a dear friend at the American Legion in Placentia where we had our first kitchen, to our new shop in Orange, we take great pride in handcrafting gourmet ice pops and ice cream in more flavors than you can shake a stick at!"

One of our favorite Front Porch Pops is the Blueberry Lemon Creamsicle. It's sweet, jammy blueberries accented with tart lemon juice and rich, creamy vanilla filling on the inside. Sound good? Come pick one up for yourself this Thursday! Yamashiro Farmers Market is each Thursday from 5pm - 9pm until September 4th.