From the Kitchen: Forbidden Rice Roll

Marlon Brando. Audrey Hepburn. Johnny Cash. Jay Z. New Zealand's National Rugby Team. What do they all have in common? The color black. Whether it's the black leather jacket, the little black dress, being the man in black, all black everything or being simply known as the All Blacks... there's something classic, sophisticated and edgy about black. We like to think our signature Forbidden Rice Roll embodies a little bit of that classic, sophisticated edginess. The roll starts with heirloom black rice and is filled with Ahi spicy tuna mixed with our signature spicy mayo, avocado and cucumber. After being rolled and cut, the dish is topped with more avocado slices and black flying fish caviar. It was once known as the Darth Vader roll, perhaps the coolest villain to don black digs, but with a unique look and a flavor profile that delivers a hardy scoville kick, the Forbidden tag suits our best selling roll just fine.