Feature: Seafood Risotto


As the season warms up, and southern California starts thinking about those waves, a craving of succulent, fresh seafood occurs. Chef Brock is satisfying that ocean desire with the famous seafood risotto dish! This popular winter dish has been brought back after many requests, and has been the favorite of many diners.  A beautiful 1.5 lb lobster tail is not just the “cherry” that adorns this luscious mountain of slow cooked risotto. Imagine this…lobster, poached in homemade lobster stock, butter, sweet shallots and blood orange juice!  The bed of al dente risotto is cooked in fish stock, speckled with bay shrimp and vibrant green pearls of edamame. Together they create levels of rich, creamy flavors that are incomparable to any other seafood risotto. No wonder people just can’t get enough…