Farmers Market Highlight: Hepp's Salt Barrel


Every year at our Farmers Market, we proudly boast some of the most unique vendors and flavorful foods you can find in all of Los Angeles.  There is everything from pop-up clothing boutiques to candied apples—a plethora of interesting flavors and finds for all to enjoy.  Today, for all of those who love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, we would like to highlight one of our favorite vendors—Hepp’s Salt Barrel!

Hepp’s offers flavored, smoked, and natural finishing salts in an array of flavors such as Thai ginger, Cyprus flake, and black truffle (just to name a few).  They also are introducing sugars to us this year in flavors such as cinnamon, habanero, raspberry, and toasted coconut—perfect for a boost of flavor for any drink rim or dessert!

Their salts are great for adding an extra layer of flavor to any stew or dish, and any of their products make great gifts for those who like to impress with their cooking skills.  If you are familiar with our delicious Himalayan Salt Plate, now you know where you can find one of your own!

Be sure to come to our Farmers Market every Thursday until September from 5-9pm to catch the tastes of Hepp’s Salt Barrel!