March 26, 2024

Elevate Your Dining Experience West Hollywood Restaurant With A View That Stuns

Looking for a one-of-a-kind dining experience in West Hollywood? Look no further than Yamashiro Hollywood, an iconic Japanese restaurant perched atop the Hollywood Hills that offers unmatched panoramic views of Los Angeles alongside innovative Asian fusion cuisine. This historic, palatial property provides the perfect restaurant with a view blend of romance, ambiance, and culinary artistry. Read on to discover why Yamashiro Hollywood will elevate your next dinner date to new heights.


Spectacular Setting:

Yamashiro Hollywood first opened in 1914, modeled after an ancient mountain palace in Japan. The impressive architecture pays homage to an ancient Asian temple, complete with intricate woodwork, ponds, gardens, and 250-year-old imported pagodas straight from Japan. The name "Yamashiro" even translates to "Mountain Palace" in Japanese.
The restaurant sits perched 250 feet above the city, providing 270-degree views of many LA landmarks. From the open-air terrace to indoor seating areas like the intimate Garden Room, the vistas of Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, and even downtown Los Angeles create a visually stunning backdrop for your meal.

Restaurant with a view:

The highlight of any dining experience at Yamashiro is soaking in the phenomenal views from its perch high in the Hollywood Hills. There are multiple outdoor seating areas, like the expansive terrace, that offer 270-degree panoramas of the surrounding city. Watch the sunset over downtown LA as you enjoy an al fresco dinner on the terrace, or opt for the intimacy of the Garden Room surrounded by bamboo and koi ponds. For a vista that steals the show, snag a window table in the Skyview Room that gazes out towards Griffith Observatory, Hollywood sign, and the city skyline. Yamashiro carefully curates an impressive selection of tables specifically for awe-inspiring views you won't find anywhere else. The team can recommend ideal view-maximizing seating when making your reservation. Just be sure to request outdoor or window seating to fully experience Yamashiro's famed vistas that perfectly complement the standout cuisine and ambiance.

Innovative Japanese Fusion:

In addition to its postcard-worthy views, Yamashiro also impresses with its contemporary Japanese fusion cuisine. The talented chefs masterfully blend traditional Japanese dishes with Pacific Rim influences, using seasonal ingredients to create bold flavors. Standouts include the miso salmon marinated in sake lees, Mongolian lamb with pickled ramps, and rotating sushi rolls.
Make sure to complement your meal with a signature cocktail, like the Lychee Elderflower Martini, that incorporates Asian ingredients into the mix. Whether you opt for sushi, entrees, or small plates, the menu offers something to satisfy every palate.

The Verdict:

For a truly show-stopping restaurant experience that engages all your senses, Yamashiro Hollywood stands in a league of its own. Where else can you soak in spellbinding views of LA during the golden hour, stroll through lush gardens straight out of Asia, and savor innovative cuisine – all in one evening? Yamashiro effortlessly brings together location, ambiance, cuisine, and service for an experience you won’t soon forget.
So the next time you’re looking for a restaurant in West Hollywood that offers stunning views, transportive atmosphere, and elevated global dining, look no further than Yamashiro. This Hollywood gem never fails to provide lasting memories, making it a perfect choice for celebrating special occasions or impressing out-of-town guests. Just be sure to book your reservation in advance to secure the perfect table. The views at Yamashiro Hollywood are simply too good to miss out on!
Are you looking for a unique eating experience in West Hollywood? You should look no further than Yamashiro Hollywood, an iconic Japanese restaurant perched on in the Hollywood Hills that offers unmatched breathtaking perspectives across Los Angeles alongside innovative Asian Fusion food. This historic, elegant establishment offers the perfect mix with romance, ambience and culinary excellence. Learn more about how Yamashiro will take your next meal date to new standards.

The restaurant that has a Skyview

Skyview Room is the pinnacle of glamor and luxury. The space is illuminated with a chandelier from the past and the floors are gleaming. They can be used as a dance floor. The Skyview Room is fully enclosed to ensure privacy. The large, glass windows afford one of the most spectacular views of LA from the breathtaking historical Hollywood sign and The Griffith Observatory, to the beautiful Downtown LA skyline, this area truly provides a stunning event for any occasion.

Innovative Japanese Fusion:

Apart from its picturesque sights, Yamashiro also impresses with its modern Japanese food fusion. The skilled chefs mix traditional Japanese cuisine and Pacific Rim influences, using seasonal ingredients to create enticing flavor combinations.
Highlights include miso salmon that is marinated in sake lees, Mongolian lamb with pickled ramps, and a rotating selection of sushi rolls.
It is important to accompany your dinner with a signature drink such as this Lychee Elderflower Martini that includes Asian ingredients in the mix. No matter if you prefer sushi, a meal or small plates there's an array of dishes to please everyone's palate.

The Verdict:

If you are looking for a restaurant that is truly an unforgettable experience that captivates all of one's senses Yamashiro Hollywood puts itself in the same league as other restaurants in. It is the only place where you can take in the breathtaking views of LA at sunset, walk through lush greenery straight from Asia and enjoy a taste of the latest cuisine in one night? Yamashiro effortlessly combines ambience, setting, food and service to create an experience you'll never forget.
If you're in search of an establishment within West Hollywood that offers stunning views, a calming atmosphere and gourmet dining that is upscale Look no further than Yamashiro. This Hollywood restaurant is guaranteed to create lasting memories, which makes it the ideal choice to celebrate special occasions or entertaining guests from out of town. Make sure you book your reservation well in advance to guarantee the best table. The views from Yamashiro Hollywood are too beautiful to leave out!

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