Drink Highlight: Minty Peach Press (Presbyterian)


An innate thirst for something crisp has overcome us here at Yamashiro, as we cannot ignore the delightfully warm weather that has officially engulfed Los Angeles.  Of course we have a bar stocked full of classic refreshments that we love, but with springtime comes the need for something new, and with that we give you the Minty Peach Press! Our cocktail-of-the-moment is a lovely twist on the Presbyterian cocktails of the past, which did not contain any alcohol but rather soda and ginger ale only!  This “mocktail” was created for alcohol-wary Presbyterians who attended parties but did not want to insult the host by not having a drink in hand!  The combination of soda and ginger ale resembled drinks containing bourbon and soda and thus allowed the Presbyterians to easily blend in with the crowd without notice.

Of course, our “Press” (short for Presbyterian) contains Ciroc Peach, lemon juice, mint, peach puree, soda and ginger… so there will be no pretending here at Yamashiro.