Dessert: Strawberry Donuts


What is it about donuts that puts a smile on everyone's faces? Could it be the sweet, sugary taste? Or perhaps it is the fluffy dough that smushes once you take that big bite. No matter what it is that tickles your sweet tooth for donuts, we just had to make our own.

At Yamashiro, nothing beats our famous Strawberry Preserve Filled Donuts, homemade by our favorite pastry chef Alejandro Andrade! These donuts have a fluffy dough, served warm, and are tossed in a layer of cinnamon sugar. What is the best part? The donuts get injected with an oozingly delicious strawberry preserve filling. If the tangy and sweet donut wasn't already every man or woman's greatest indulgence, it gets even better. Served alongside these morsels is a cold creme anglaise that requires finger licking once the donuts are all gone. Did we mention another cold contrast? BUTTERMILK STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM. Yes. It's true.

Warm against cold, tangy and sweet, and perfect in every bite. No wonder it's everyone's favorite dessert ;)