Cobia Ceviche

cobia ceviche

Anyone who's sampled the cuisine of Central or South America is well acquainted with the seafood appetizer known as ceviche. Here at Yamashiro, Chef Brock has put his own unique spin on this traditional seafood dish - Cobia Ceviche.

Ceviche is made by taking raw fish and cutting it into bite-size pieces. The fish is then marinated in the juice of an acidic fruit (typically lime), salt, and chili peppers. Traditionally, ceviche is usually made with sea bass, but at Yamashiro we aren't exactly known for following tradition.

Our ceviche is made with cobia. Sometimes called black kingfish or black salmon, cobia is a white fish known for its firm texture and excellent flavor. Our Cobia Ceviche is topped with serrano lime juice, bell pepper puree, and fresh avocado on a crisp corn tortilla. If you've never tasted ceviche with avocado, then you are really missing out.

As with all ceviche dishes, freshness is key; which is why our ceviche is served with only the freshest cobia, for the delicious raw fish flavor that ceviche is known for.

Look for the Cobia Ceviche on Yamashiro's Starters menu. Do you have your own recipe for ceviche? Please share it with us in the comments!

cobia ceviche prep