Chef Brock and the Himalayan Salt Plate


Yamashiro is of course famous for its majestic views of Los Angeles as well as its rich history, but Yamashiro’s cuisine is by far its most extraordinary quality.  From the truffle-ponzu infused element of the truffle hamachi to the unique pistachio crumble of the pistachio salmon, chef Brock has been tantalizing taste buds and pushing culinary limits with his Asian-inspired Californian fare since emerging as executive chef of Yamashiro nearly four years ago. Chef Brock’s Himalayan Salt Plate is just one of many exceptional dishes he’s known for.

Himalayan Salt plates emerged from the mountains of Pakistan in the 16th Century.  Its entrancing pink mineral composition and delicate salt flavor create the backdrop for an array of culinary inspirations. But where did chef Brock come up with the idea of the Himalayan Salt Plate for Yamashiro? One of his former culinary tutors began a sea salt business after having infused the salty crystals into her own recipes. She gifted salt blocks to former Yamashiro executive chef Jason Park and then-sous chef Brock to test drive.  She originally thought that they were going to use them for sushi and sashimi as a unique display, but they had other ideas in mind...

Chef Brock began testing recipes for cooked dishes! After heating the plates to 400 degrees and discovering that they were able to withstand the heat, he experimented with seafood and lobster dishes, but was still displeased. What ensued next was the creation of the Wagyu Beef Himalayan Salt Plate. Waygu beef has a high fat content, so when cooked on the salt plate there is a delicious, intensified flavor without the saltiness.  The salt plates are heated to 400 degrees, with the sliced Wagyu being placed immediately on top and fanned, allowing the beef to cook tableside. With the searing sound of the crisping Wagyu beef, the aroma of intense flavor and the visuals of the marbled pink and rose hand cut slab, the experience is extraordinary. About two years ago, the Himalayan Sea Salt Plate was permanently added to Yamashiro’s menu. With Chef Brock’s ingenious creations, and the breathtaking views of Los Angeles, it is safe to say that being extraordinary is Yamashiro’s specialty.