Blogger Prom 2010: Elegance meets technology

It’s been a long time coming but Yamashiro has finally entered the blogosphere! What better way to kick off our first official blog post than with a post about this past week’s second annual Blogger Prom. Los Angeles’ most popular and beloved bloggers gathered up here on the hill for a night recalling Hollywood’s Golden Age. As the guys and dolls made their way into our Skyview Lounge and Japanese Garden, so did an aura of old school Hollywood Glamour. The ladies of Blogger Prom recalled the elegance of Hedy Lamarr and Veronica Lake while the men took pages out of William Powell and Clark Gable’s book. It was a sight and crowd that Yamashiro hasn’t seen, since, well… probably since about 1957. While the vibe may have been retro the tasty treats served up were anything but.

On top of the hors d'œuvre floating around, our own Chef Brock was serving up his Farmers’ Market favorite: fusion tacos. He even created a Blogger Prom exclusive taco made with smoked sausages with maple-black pepper aioli that were made in a century old smoke house on the farm he grew up on. Other delectable delights included Coolhaus (sans truck) serving up amazing ice cream sandwiches, The Cheese Impersario Barrie Lynn handing out great cheese sex (spreadable cheese on Amish peanut brittle), Chocolatebox Café, Crumbs Bake Shop and The Beer Chicks pouring tasty brews from the Eagle Rock Brewery.

The night wasn’t all about delicious food, social media and fancy cocktails. All proceeds from ticket sales went to benefit Operation Frontline: Los Angeles which teaches healthy, low-cost cooking to families across America while fighting against poor child nutrition. Together the attendees of the Blogger Prom raised $2,400!

Of course the night couldn’t have happened without the hard work of the Blogger Prom committee comprised of some of LA’s swankiest bloggers. Big thanks to Caroline On Crack, e*star LA, Tara Met Blog, The Liquid Muse, Squash Blossom, LA OC Foodie, Shop Eat Sleep and Happy Go Marni for putting together such an elegant and unforgettable evening.

Now enjoy some photos by the official Blogger Prom photographer Heather Kincaid: