Bar Essentials


Here at Yamashiro, we love serving up innovative drinks at the Pagoda bar, but sometimes it’s fun to host cocktail hour in the comfort of your own home. That’s why we are here to give you a crash course in bar essentials so you are always ready to fill any drink request at your own cocktail party, there are a few bar essentials to keep stocked.

First is glassware; make sure to have six or eight short glasses, tall glasses, and stems in the cabinet. Don’t forget to keep utensils like strainers, shakers, jiggers, and ice cube trays at hand. Next, there are a few essential liquors to have. It’s always smart to have at least one type of gin, vodka, tequila, cognac, rum, and bourbon each in the bar as well as a few mixers. We always have the standard lemon juice and cucumber around to mix with our house pineapple sake, vodka, and agave for our Infused Pineapple Sake-tini.

Keeping basics around allows you to craft classic drinks as well as create your own signature blend. Keep in mind that liquors are best kept in a cool place away from sunlight. Follow these simple steps and your cocktail party will be a success. Warning, your guests may come back every weekend for more!