Artists at Yamashiro Farmers Market


It's only 34 more days until Farmers Market returns to Yamashiro! But who's counting, right? We continue to preview the 2014 Farmers Market leading up to the opening - on Thursday, May 22nd - with a look at some of the unique vendors Farmers Market has to offer.

Everyone shows up expecting to see food, but there's also a wide range of vendors outside of the culinary arts. These include booths featuring artists, fashion designers and handcrafted jewelery makers.  Look for these vendors at this year's market:

Lara Lyon Designs

Lara Lyon candles are meant to be good for you and good for the planet. These candles are handcrafted and eco-friendly, made with 100% soy. Their two main types are Fragrance and Chakra. The Fragrance candles come in scents such as Red Currant, Citrus Bliss and Pomegranate Sage. The Chakra candles are meant to strengthen the body and mind. Candles meant to address certain regions of the body include: Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra and the Heart Chakra.


John Joseph Designs

John Joseph Designs is a Pop-Up Boutique based in Los Angeles. Look for women's clothing and accessories, including: inexpensive tops, skirts, dresses, jewelry, purses, headbands, scarves and hostess aprons!

Carlos Ulloa

Carlos Ulloa is an LA based artist whose work, according to Ulloa, "empowers thought, introspection, metaphor & discomfort in order to resist the allure of popular media, hubris, the obvious and lethargy." Each of Ulloa's works on display at Farmers Market is a window into the artists' mind. Limited edition prints are available for purchase.

That's only a few vendors we can't wait to check out this Summer. Which booths are you looking forward to this Farmers Market season?

Yamashiro Farmers Market is Thursday May 22nd - September 5pm to 9pm - 1999 N. Sycamore Ave. L.A., CA 90068Good for all ages.