A Favorite: Aji Amarillo


Now that we have gotten to know one of Chef Brock’s most interesting dishes—the Himalayan Salt Plate—it’s time to share one of his favorite ingredients: the Aji Amarillo!  Originally stumbled upon by archaeologists in a Peruvian cave that dates back to 8500 BC, this chili pepper is prominent in Peruvian cuisine and is perfect for adding a kick to any meal.  In Spanish, “Aji” means chili pepper and “Amarillo” means yellow, translating the name to literally mean “yellow chili pepper.”  Although this slightly fruity, medium to hot pepper begins with a yellow coloration, the tinge changes as it matures and it actually becomes a vibrant orange.  The Aji Amarillo can come in diverse forms to cook with such as an Aji Amarillo paste, Aji Amarillo Sauce, or a whole Aji Amarillo pepper.

According to Chef Brock, the complex sweet and sour flavor profile of the pepper provides him with a fun challenge of finding the right balance between the ingredient and the entrée it is being woven into.  Food should never be boring, and the Aji Amarillo is the perfect way to spice things up and make any dish a little more interesting.