400 Club: The Original Hollywood Hangout

Hollywood 400 Club

It might be hard to believe with today’s celebrity obsessed culture, but there was a time when Hollywood actors and actresses were looked down upon and not accepted among society’s elite. As a response, in the 1920’s, the building which is now home to Yamashiro was transformed into an exclusive clubhouse — a place for the biggest stars of the silver screen to come together and socialize in private. It was called the “400 Club” and it was the original hangout for Hollywood royalty.

When the Bernheimer brothers sold the mountain palace in 1922,  actor/director Frank Elliott decided to turn the hilltop mansion into a private club that  quickly became the hotspot for actors, directors, writers and celebrities from the era. If you wanted to see the icons of the time like Buster Collier, BeBe Daniels, or Roscoe Arbuckle, the highly exclusive 400 Club would be the place to be. While those days are long gone, Yamashiro has managed to retain its timeless design, as you'll see in these vintage photos from Hollywood's golden age.

Yamashiro entrance
Yamashiro Chandelier
Yamashiro Garden