The "Pagoda" Revealed


If you have not come to visit yet, you have surely heard about it: The Pagoda Bar. Nestled quite comfortably into the lower levels of the Yamashiro grounds, The Pagoda Bar is our summer outdoor lounge and bar loved by locals and visitors alike. With its dreamy views of the city, expansive cocktail and appetizer menu, and friendly resident bartenders there is nothing not to like! Not to mention the star of the show: the Pagoda itself!

What is a Pagoda, you wonder? Well, it is a tiered temple found throughout Asia most often utilized for the means of worship. The structure of the monument itself is worth worshipping—they’re beautiful! Here at Yamashiro we are lucky enough to share one of these masterpieces (although a little on the smaller size!) with you at our infamous outdoor bar!

Now, we don’t know about you guys, but there are some Moscow Mules we must tend to… meet you at the Pagoda Bar!