Good Morning America - We had to see what makes glow-in-the-dark ramen shine so bright

Originally from on July 11, 2019

At Mobile Kitchen's, there's a one-of-a-kind of ramen on the menu.

Neon yellow, bright orange and blue -- the "lumen ramen," as it's called, literally glows in the dark!

The restaurant, which pops up all over the country, claims to be the world's first glow-in-the-dark ramen shop.


As of now, it's stationed at Yamashiro Hollywood in Los Angeles until July 21.

Visitors should not expect the typical dining experience.

Instead, you embark on a mysterious tour to reach the pop-up spot's location, where you can choose between general admission or VIP.

The price difference is $83 versus $158. The dining portion of the event is about 30 minutes, and if you purchase VIP, you sit during your meal rather than stand at a bar.

At first, the secretive staff wouldn't unveil what makes the food glow.

But founder Ami Sueki says it's a combination of vitamin B, some amino acids, plants with high chlorophyll and a UV light.

Sueki told "Good Morning America" she came up with the concept about three years ago when she had a dream about it.

Sueki said the decor inside the shop is "inspired by my grandparents' house."

"It was always spooky because it was so old when I went to stay at [their] house," she continued. "It creeped me out because they had so many Asian dolls and paintings and trinkets."

Folklore and storytelling play a significant role in the experience. The restaurant tells the fictional story of the Nakamura family.

The story goes that the Nakamuras are a family of supernatural spirits, and here, the waiters and chefs are "Yokai spirits" who lead the journey to this otherworldly ramen.

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