100 Years of Yamashiro: Baby Peggy

Baby Peggy

As part of our ongoing series, 100 Years of Yamashiro, we share with you a unique piece of Hollywood cinema history. Diana Serra Cary, a name unfamiliar to most film buffs today, was one of Hollywood's first major child stars. Best known by her stage name, Baby Peggy, she gained popularity during the 1920's Golden Age of Hollywood. In the above photo, we see Baby Peggy riding a dragon at Yamashiro back when it was known as the Bernheimer Estate. The shot was taken in 1921 for an unknown silent film. Baby Peggy is not only a part of American film history but political history as well. Here we see Baby Peggy waiving an American flag on stage at the 1924 Democratic National Convention. To the far left we can see future President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In fact, Baby Peggy's acting career was even memorialized a few years ago with a documentary about her life called Baby Peggy: The Elephant in the Room.

Were you familiar with the films of Baby Peggy? Feel free to share with us your favorite Baby Peggy movie in the comments!

baby peggy roosevelt