Featured Vendor - Sullivan Farms

sullivan farms at yamashiro farmers market

Our featured vendor for this week's Yamashiro Farmers Market is Sullivan Farms and their homemade Sweet & Spicy Mustard. Alyson Sullivan, the owner of Sullivan Farms, began making this family mustard recipe passed on from her friends, the Rollins family. It started out initially as just a special treat for friends and family until she finally decided that the mustard needed be shared with the world.

The great thing about Sullivan Farms mustard is it is both healthy and great tasting. It is a vegan mustard that is free of gluten, soy and dairy, so even if you have dietary restrictions you can probably still enjoy this sweet tasting mustard.

Sullivan Farms is made with the "Best Coleman's Mustard Flour and Best Vegan Soy Free Butter," according to Alyson Sullivan. And she claims it is the best mustard you'll ever taste. We encourage you to come out to Farmers Market and try some of it for yourself.

Yamashiro Farmers Market is every Thursday from 5pm-9pm and runs until September 4, 2014.

sullivan farms mustard