Benefits of buying from a Farmer’s Market


As you all know, it is the eve of our annual Farmer’s Market! What are the benefits of joining us and buying locally, you wonder?  Here are a few of our favorite reasons: Buying directly from the local farmer strengthens the economy!  When one buys directly instead of through a “middle-man” or store, the farmer receives 100% of the profits, which is then redistributed to his or her business.  Buying locally also ensures more delicious product! Fresh fruit and vegetables lose nutrients quickly, but the batch you will come across at a farmer’s market will most likely have been picked in the last day or two, which means they will be more nutritious and therefore more flavorful as well.  Also, buying locally is better for the environment!  Normally produce has to travel to far destinations during distribution, but local farmers have fewer miles to journey and thus less carbon dioxide is emitted into the air!

Lastly, buying locally allows you to buy from farmers whom you trust.  Knowing where your food comes from is important for your health and well-being! Tomorrow we will have Hillside Family Farms, and New Era Farms bringing us the freshest produce from San Diego!

Our Famer’s Market will be open tomorrow and every Thursday until September from 5-9 pm.  We hope to see you there!