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Yamashiro’s new remodeled lounge

Last renovated in the 1980’s, the newly remodeled lounge is designed with a mixture of both classic and modern touches that really bring the lounge to life. Mixing old Hollywood glamour with modern industrial sleekness allows for a more open and inviting ambiance, that will be sure to impress any date. Whether you are just having a drink before your reservation or enjoying the amazing view and cocktails, the lounge is the perfect spot for a night out on the town like no other.

Before renovation
After renovation
New Year’s Eve

Original doors from the 100 year old structure are used for the back-lit ceiling installation and provides a glance at the vast history of the restaurant. The gold chandelier that once hung in the outdoor summer home (which now houses our amazing Buddha sculpture) now lends it’s opulent beauty to the inside of the restaurant.

Chandelier and door instillation



Summer Eats: Dessert


We have a few summer specials to share with you, but we’re big fans of having dessert first, so here we are with Summer Eats: Dessert!


This summer we are featuring this decadent Peach Almond Crumble that walks the line between food and art. This is one of those desserts where every bite offers something different – from the homemade brown sugar ice cream and sweet roasted peaches to the house-made peach sauce and vanilla almond cream, all the way to the sprig of mint to garnish – this dessert has it all. Different colors, textures, and even temperatures come together to make a crumble almost too pretty to eat…almost.



On your next summer evening at Yamashiro, save a little room for dessert and enjoy our Peach Almond Crumble as the sun goes down over Hollywood!

Moscow Mules and the history of the Copper Mug

Yamashiro Edit-2737

Most people know that Moscow Mules, a cocktail comprised of vodka, ginger beer, and lime, are supposed to come in a copper mug. Some people don’t think it matters much what glass it comes in, and some people would consider it blasphemous to serve a mule in anything but! At Yamashiro, your Moscow Mule comes in an exclusive copper mug branded with the Yamashiro logo, and, like Yamashiro itself, the history of the cocktail is an interesting one.
Yamashiro Edit-2780

According to legend, the Moscow Mule was born out of a meeting of three people who had something to sell: John Martin, who recently purchased Smirnoff, needed to sell vodka; Jack Morgan, owner of the Cock n’ Bull pub on Sunset strip, was hoping to profit off of his side project of ginger beer; and a third unnamed friend mentioned her supply of copper mugs that she needed to discard. History says that at this meeting, the trio decided to put all three together with a squeeze of lime and subsequently launched a wildly successful campaign using photos of both celebrities and bartenders with the copper mugs. And a legend was born!
Yamashiro Edit-2836
The history notwithstanding, many say the copper mug is most practical to its cocktail pair. The copper quickly turns icy from the cold drink, maintaining a cool temperature for the chilled drink. Some even say the copper adds to the taste of the cocktail, but that is not widely agreed upon. Either way, we have to admit that the cocktail looks best in it’s famed glassware, and we won’t be challenging history any time soon! Join us at Yamashiro and try one for yourself. Want to add your opinion on the Moscow Mule and the copper mug phenomenon? Comment below!

We want to hear your stories!

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Calling all friends of Yamashiro!

This summer we are hosting a guest series on our blog, and that guest blogger is YOU. We love hearing your memories of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, ladies nights, bachelor parties, and more–so much so that we want to know more. Do you have an unforgettable story that takes place at  Yamashiro? Do you have photos that you can’t help but want to share? From first kisses to 50th anniversaries, from embarrassing moments to the best moment of your life, we want to hear and see Yamashiro through the eyes of the people that make it all possible: you! Write it with a friend if you’d like, and feel free to get nostalgic on us. Long or short, funny or beautiful, we want to hear your story.

Send a write-up and your best photos to go along to yamashiro@ghost.la and you might find yourself featured in our weekly blog series! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Favorite Instagrams this Month

It’s no secret that many people Instagram while at Yamashiro, but did you know that we were recently listed by Best Food LA as number 15 on their list of 50 most instagrammed restaurants? Whether it is photos of the view, the food, the cocktails, or of the loved ones they are dining with, our guests love to share their Yamashiro moments and we love seeing them all. This week, we’ve decided to share our favorite Instagram shots of the month, straight from all of you! Make sure to check out these Instagram users at the bottom of the page, and thanks for sharing your Yamashiro memories with the world. Keep sharing using #Yamashiro or tagging @yamashirola!

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Instagram photos, in order of appearance: @cdc.jpg, @dreamcatcher9, @it.suits.me, @pursuepleasure, @scarletandgraceweddings, @xoxohungrygirl, @cindygromero, @decent.exposure, @ohdimi

Spring at Yamashiro!

Happy First Day of Spring! Even if winter isn’t exactly rough in LA, we still welcome the beginning of a new season–especially one that brings us closer to summer, and the Yamashiro Farmer’s Market, and the opening of the Pagoda Bar! In honor of the day, here are a few photos showing the lushness and peaceful ambience of Yamashiro on a Spring Day. If you have more photos that you think convey Yamashiro in the spring, share on Instagram or Twitter using @yamashirola or #yamashiro!

Yamashiro-0698 Yamashiro-0706 Yamashiro-0712 Yamashiro-0767 Yamashiro-0775 Yamashiro-0788 Yamashiro-0798 yamashiro-0850 yamashiro-0854

Himalayan Salt Plate

As we browse through Instagrams posted from Yamashiro daily, one thing always pops up–besides the gorgeous view and colorful sushi, of course–and that is our Himalayan Salt Plate.


American Wagyu Steak is seared and served on the Himalayan Salt Plate, which is then quickly cooked to your preference at your table. An interactive and fun culinary experience, this is a great dish to give your dinner something you won’t forget!


Never used a Himalayan Salt Block before? Here’s what’s up: the salt plate is a dense block of translucent pink salt hand-cut from ancient mineral deposits. It is first heated to around 400 degrees, and then cooked at your table. As it cooks, it imparts a small amount of its pure yet complex taste, adding full flavor to the cooked steak. These salt plates can be used to cook any kind of meat or vegetables, and can even be chilled or frozen to display sushi, cold meats, fruit, etc. Himalayan Salt Blocks have continued to gain popularity recently, and we know why! The flavor and the act of cooking your own American Wagyu steak elevates your culinary experience to the next level.


To see a video of our Himalayan Salt Plate in action, see this video by @foodie_mirror! Or show us your photos & videos using #yamashiro. Happy eating!


Photos: @roddomi, @theyumdiaries, @scarlettbabe

Drink Highlight: Sake


One of our favorite claim-to-fames here at Yamashiro is our plethora of tasty cocktails—The Minty Peach Press, Hibiscus Blossom, Lychee Martini, and, of course, the Moscow Mule (just to name a few!).  We cannot go with out boasting of our resident bartenders’ enigmatic skills at perfecting these refreshing little concoctions, nor can we ignore our wide variety of beverage options we offer our guests.  This week, we would like to highlight a beverage a little different from the rest—Sake!


Sake, also sometimes known as “rice wine,” is a Japanese alcoholic beverage created from fermented rice.  It is not necessarily a wine, however, nor a beer or spirit.  In a category of its own, sake is created when rice is milled down until mostly own starch remains.  It is then further fermented into sugar, and then even further fermented into alcohol.  This is similar to the creation of beer, but instead of the starch breakdown being caused by enzymes, it is broken down from a special mold.  It may remain a little cloudy from the grain particles (like our Nigori), but a majority of sake is filtered until clear like a spirit.  This maturing process takes between 9 to 12 months, and the result is a smooth, rich flavor.


Sake can be served hot or cold, be sipped on, or even be taken shots of (with an ensuing warm and delicious night!).  Here at Yamashiro, we have six outstanding flavor options for sake lovers including Clean (refreshing and crisp), Aromatic (floral and fruity), Flavorful (traditional and robust), Nigori (unfiltered and cloudy), Hot Sake, and Ultra Premium (Mt Chokai—pinnacle of sake brewers).


Sake is an interesting and fun change of pace when it comes to enjoying a beverage with dinner, or even to unwind after a long day of work on a warm LA evening.  Sake enthusiasts and even those new to the sake world will find a new favorite from within the Yamashiro walls—we think it’s time to come to happy hour or pay a visit to the Pagoda Bar to see what it’s all about!

Drink Highlight: The Lychee Martini

One of our favorite cocktails is the ever-fascinating Lychee Martini! A refreshingly sweet mix of vodka, lychee sake, lychee juice, and then garnished with a lychee itself, this is one to be curious about.

What is a lychee, you wonder? Well, it is a berry native to southern China, Tawain and Southeast Asia, where it is known to be the “King of Berries.” It is very fragrant and almost perfume-like with a rough, light-red rind that is inedible but can be easily removed to reveal a white or pale pink, translucent pulp that is very sweet in flavor. It is also good for you, as it is high in Potassium and the antioxidant Vitamin C!

hCh0RoiuLE-rEaVe95cBBaBmsmOYF-Ip-BVuUk26Qy0Although we have the Lychee Martini available to you year-round, the sweet, floral aura of the lychee makes it the perfect springtime drink to get accustomed to!

From the Bar: Two distinctive sakes from Japan

We’ve debuted a new sake menu up here at Yamashiro and are proud to feature some of the finest sake from Japan right here in Hollywood. We’re so excited about the new sake menu that we want to tell you all about it. So check back here at our blog to find out about these amazing sakes as we present you with tasting notes, a bit of history and food pairing recommendations. The next time you find yourself dining in our Japanese Garden or taking in the best view of Los Angeles, enjoy the taste of authentic Japanese sake as well.

Shichi Hon Yari, translated as “Seven Spearsmen,” is the most prominent sake brewed out of the Tomita Brewery located in the small town of Kinomoto in Japan’s Shiga Prefecture. The brewery is one of the oldest, founded in the 1540’s, and smallest in Japan. The name of the sake is a tribute to the seven Samurai who helped gain victory for the famous Japanese Warlord Hideyoshi in 1583. The sake is brewed using traditional methods in small batches, limited to 5,000 cases per year, by the brewery’s toji (brewmaster), Shizuo Naka, who is the youngest brewmaster to join the Noto Toji guild, using locally grown, ecologically safe Tamazakae sake rice.

The nose of this sake is earthy with mushroom and grass notes. After you get past the aroma the sake has a light, crisp mouth feel with flavors of grapefruit and melons. This complex but clean sake is a great introduction for those new to sake. The sake pairs beautifully with our American Wagyu Steak served on a hand-cut Himalayan salt plate. We’d also like to point out that the bottle features one of the most awesome labels we’ve seen. There’s nothing like a charging Samurai on the bottle to get you into the sake drinking mood.

Our next featured sake is Tozai’s Snow Maiden Junmai Nigori. Literally translated, Tozai means “East-West” which is fitting due to the company being the result of a collaboration between a couple of California wine lovers and dedicated Japanese sake brewers. Even more fitting that we serve his delightful sake up here at Yamashiro since we know a thing or two about merging the East and West. The sake is brewed out of the Kizakura Brewery, located in Kyoto Prefecture of Japan, which has been brewing sake for over 50 years. The two reasons for the breweries choice of location is due to Kyoto’s frigid waters that help keep ideal fermentation temperatures and also the Fushi-Mizu (crystal clear) water from the city of Fushimi is know for bringing out the full flavor of the sake. The koi featured on the label is homage to Hanako (flower maiden), a famous koi which reportedly lived for 226 years in the icy waters at the foot of Japan’s Mt. Ontake, hence the Snow Maiden title for this enchanting sake.

The sake has a creamy, porcelain look to it when poured. This is due to the process of making nigori sake, which is unfiltered as the rice remnants are left after the fermentation process giving it a cloudy look. The nose of this sake gives off aromas of earthy, floral scents and banana-coconut custard. You’ll taste apple and pear notes along with some sweet rice. There is a good weight to the sake in your mouth yet the finish is surprisingly dry. This sake pairs well with our Kurobuta Pork Asian-Style Carnitas. Enjoy this sake in our Japanese Garden dining area where you’ll find some koi like the one featured on the Tozai bottle.