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Yamashiro’s new remodeled lounge

Last renovated in the 1980’s, the newly remodeled lounge is designed with a mixture of both classic and modern touches that really bring the lounge to life. Mixing old Hollywood glamour with modern industrial sleekness allows for a more open and inviting ambiance, that will be sure to impress any date. Whether you are just having a drink before your reservation or enjoying the amazing view and cocktails, the lounge is the perfect spot for a night out on the town like no other.

Before renovation
After renovation
New Year’s Eve

Original doors from the 100 year old structure are used for the back-lit ceiling installation and provides a glance at the vast history of the restaurant. The gold chandelier that once hung in the outdoor summer home (which now houses our amazing Buddha sculpture) now lends it’s opulent beauty to the inside of the restaurant.

Chandelier and door instillation



Favorite Instagrams this Month

It’s no secret that many people Instagram while at Yamashiro, but did you know that we were recently listed by Best Food LA as number 15 on their list of 50 most instagrammed restaurants? Whether it is photos of the view, the food, the cocktails, or of the loved ones they are dining with, our guests love to share their Yamashiro moments and we love seeing them all. This week, we’ve decided to share our favorite Instagram shots of the month, straight from all of you! Make sure to check out these Instagram users at the bottom of the page, and thanks for sharing your Yamashiro memories with the world. Keep sharing using #Yamashiro or tagging @yamashirola!

ccd dreamcatcher9 it.suits.me pursurepleasure scarletandgraceweddings xoxohungrygirl cindygromero decent.exposure ohdimi

Instagram photos, in order of appearance: @cdc.jpg, @dreamcatcher9, @it.suits.me, @pursuepleasure, @scarletandgraceweddings, @xoxohungrygirl, @cindygromero, @decent.exposure, @ohdimi

Moscow Mule: The Classic Hollywood Cocktail

bartender serving moscow mule

The drink known as the “Moscow Mule” – a favorite among patrons of the Yamashiro Lounge – is a historic cocktail with deep Hollywood roots. This smooth and refreshing drink was invented in the 1940s and quickly became a favorite among Hollywood celebrities, helping lead to the U.S. vodka craze of the 50s and 60s.

A Moscow Mule is made by mixing vodka, ginger beer, lime and served on the rocks in a copper cup. Why those three main ingredients you ask?

The story goes that on one night in 1941, three powerful men in the alcohol business met at a hotel bar for drinks. And as many readers must know, after a few drinks, people can begin to say some pretty “interesting” things. This night was no exception, but in the midst of that inebriation, a sudden spark of genius hit the three men. They wondered what would happen if you mixed vodka, ginger beer and lime together into one drink. Well, what happened was the birth of a delicious and classic LA cocktail.
Moscow Mule

It’s a simple recipe, but what truly makes a cocktail taste great is quality ingredients, and what is most notable about Yamashiro’s mule is that our ginger beer is entirely homemade, ensuring the freshest possible ingredients.

If you’ve never sipped on a Moscow Mule before, the next time you visit the Lounge we encourage you to ask the bartender to serve you up one of these tasty copper cups of Hollywood history.

400 Club: The Original Hollywood Hangout

Hollywood 400 Club
It might be hard to believe with today’s celebrity obsessed culture, but there was a time when Hollywood actors and actresses were looked down upon and not accepted among society’s elite. As a response, in the 1920’s, the building which is now home to Yamashiro was transformed into an exclusive clubhouse — a place for the biggest stars of the silver screen to come together and socialize in private. It was called the “400 Club” and it was the original hangout for Hollywood royalty.

When the Bernheimer brothers sold the mountain palace in 1922,  actor/director Frank Elliott decided to turn the hilltop mansion into a private club that  quickly became the hotspot for actors, directors, writers and celebrities from the era. If you wanted to see the icons of the time like Buster Collier, BeBe Daniels, or Roscoe Arbuckle, the highly exclusive 400 Club would be the place to be. While those days are long gone, Yamashiro has managed to retain its timeless design, as you’ll see in these vintage photos from Hollywood’s golden age.

Yamashiro entrance

Yamashiro Chandelier

Yamashiro Garden

Yamashiro Weddings


We all know Yamashiro is a fabulous place for dinner, drinks, and views. Yamashiro is also a renowned wedding spot. Our lush gardens and breathtaking views of Los Angeles make an ideal backdrop for ceremonies and wedding receptions of all sizes. We have wedding specialists who can help you navigate every detail of your special day, from customizing your menu to setting up your individual bride and groom suites.

Whether your wedding is glamorous or simple, large or intimate, Yamashiro is pleased to help make your special day as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

For more information contact John Bergano,  Marketing & Event Sales.

JohnB@yamashirohollywood.com or (323) 466-5125 ext. 222.

Check out these gorgeous and happy couples on their special day below!






Summertime Bar


  With Los Angeles as our backyard, we can’t help but love when summertime rolls around. Voted one of the Best Outdoor Bars in LA by LAist, our Pagoda Bar is the place to be during these warm Hollywood nights. Want to bring some of our Pagoda Bar charm to your backyard bashes? Just a few ingredients is all it takes!

  Although a nice blended margarita sounds awesome for a day by the pool, you don’t want to spend your whole party in the kitchen making everyone’s drinks. A few things we recommend to put on your grocery list are flavored sake, ginger beer, passion fruit juice, vodka and rum. Our summertime bar uses these few ingredients in many of our specialty cocktails. With the sake and vodka you can whip up a fresh sake-martini much like our Pineapple Sake-tini. We infuse the pineapple sake in house! So don’t be shy to play around with some fruit and make your own infused sake. Another popular cocktail is the refreshing Moscow Mule. With the vodka you can add a little ginger beer and a squeeze of lime and like magic you’ve got one of our most popular drinks. Last but definitely not least is the rum! Add a little passion fruit juice and you have a similar cocktail to our Norman’s Mai Tai. With only four main ingredients and simple mixing you will have a cocktail menu fit for an island…or your backyard bash.

Drink Highlight: Sake


One of our favorite claim-to-fames here at Yamashiro is our plethora of tasty cocktails—The Minty Peach Press, Hibiscus Blossom, Lychee Martini, and, of course, the Moscow Mule (just to name a few!).  We cannot go with out boasting of our resident bartenders’ enigmatic skills at perfecting these refreshing little concoctions, nor can we ignore our wide variety of beverage options we offer our guests.  This week, we would like to highlight a beverage a little different from the rest—Sake!


Sake, also sometimes known as “rice wine,” is a Japanese alcoholic beverage created from fermented rice.  It is not necessarily a wine, however, nor a beer or spirit.  In a category of its own, sake is created when rice is milled down until mostly own starch remains.  It is then further fermented into sugar, and then even further fermented into alcohol.  This is similar to the creation of beer, but instead of the starch breakdown being caused by enzymes, it is broken down from a special mold.  It may remain a little cloudy from the grain particles (like our Nigori), but a majority of sake is filtered until clear like a spirit.  This maturing process takes between 9 to 12 months, and the result is a smooth, rich flavor.


Sake can be served hot or cold, be sipped on, or even be taken shots of (with an ensuing warm and delicious night!).  Here at Yamashiro, we have six outstanding flavor options for sake lovers including Clean (refreshing and crisp), Aromatic (floral and fruity), Flavorful (traditional and robust), Nigori (unfiltered and cloudy), Hot Sake, and Ultra Premium (Mt Chokai—pinnacle of sake brewers).


Sake is an interesting and fun change of pace when it comes to enjoying a beverage with dinner, or even to unwind after a long day of work on a warm LA evening.  Sake enthusiasts and even those new to the sake world will find a new favorite from within the Yamashiro walls—we think it’s time to come to happy hour or pay a visit to the Pagoda Bar to see what it’s all about!

Drink Highlight: The Lychee Martini

One of our favorite cocktails is the ever-fascinating Lychee Martini! A refreshingly sweet mix of vodka, lychee sake, lychee juice, and then garnished with a lychee itself, this is one to be curious about.

What is a lychee, you wonder? Well, it is a berry native to southern China, Tawain and Southeast Asia, where it is known to be the “King of Berries.” It is very fragrant and almost perfume-like with a rough, light-red rind that is inedible but can be easily removed to reveal a white or pale pink, translucent pulp that is very sweet in flavor. It is also good for you, as it is high in Potassium and the antioxidant Vitamin C!

hCh0RoiuLE-rEaVe95cBBaBmsmOYF-Ip-BVuUk26Qy0Although we have the Lychee Martini available to you year-round, the sweet, floral aura of the lychee makes it the perfect springtime drink to get accustomed to!

From the Kitchen: Truffle Hamachi

Executive Chef Brock Kleweno gives you an in-depth look at one of our Asian-fusion menu items. Come up and enjoy these delicious dishes while enjoying the best view in Los Angeles at one of Hollywood’s most historic locations.

The Truffle Hamachi is one of my favorite appetizers that we serve out of our Raw Kitchen. The flavors and textures are well-balanced with the appetizer being light yet still deliciously decadent. The Hamachi sashimi is melt-in-your-mouth tender but still rich and fatty enough to stand up to the robust, earthy white truffle oil. The teardrop tomatoes are macerated in our own homemade ponzu which brings a nice citrus brightness to the dish. We garnish the dish with a bit of micro arugula which adds a subtle peppery element.

Drink recommendation:

Our Beverage Manager, Steve Wastell, has recently introduced a new sake list which has been really exciting for me to pair with our food. I particularly love having the Truffle Hamachi with the Cabin in the Snow sake. Its slight sweetness and luscious fruity aromatics blend beautifully with the tart ponzu tomatoes and rich white truffle oil.

Blogger Prom 2010: Elegance meets technology

It’s been a long time coming but Yamashiro has finally entered the blogosphere! What better way to kick off our first official blog post than with a post about this past week’s second annual Blogger Prom. Los Angeles’ most popular and beloved bloggers gathered up here on the hill for a night recalling Hollywood’s Golden Age. As the guys and dolls made their way into our Skyview Lounge and Japanese Garden, so did an aura of old school Hollywood Glamour.

The ladies of Blogger Prom recalled the elegance of Hedy Lamarr and Veronica Lake while the men took pages out of William Powell and Clark Gable’s book. It was a sight and crowd that Yamashiro hasn’t seen, since, well… probably since about 1957. While the vibe may have been retro the tasty treats served up were anything but.

On top of the hors d’œuvre floating around, our own Chef Brock was serving up his Farmers’ Market favorite: fusion tacos. He even created a Blogger Prom exclusive taco made with smoked sausages with maple-black pepper aioli that were made in a century old smoke house on the farm he grew up on. Other delectable delights included Coolhaus (sans truck) serving up amazing ice cream sandwiches, The Cheese Impersario Barrie Lynn handing out great cheese sex (spreadable cheese on Amish peanut brittle), Chocolatebox Café, Crumbs Bake Shop and The Beer Chicks pouring tasty brews from the Eagle Rock Brewery.

The night wasn’t all about delicious food, social media and fancy cocktails. All proceeds from ticket sales went to benefit Operation Frontline: Los Angeles which teaches healthy, low-cost cooking to families across America while fighting against poor child nutrition. Together the attendees of the Blogger Prom raised $2,400!

Of course the night couldn’t have happened without the hard work of the Blogger Prom committee comprised of some of LA’s swankiest bloggers. Big thanks to Caroline On Crack, e*star LA, Tara Met Blog, The Liquid Muse, Squash Blossom, LA OC Foodie, Shop Eat Sleep and Happy Go Marni for putting together such an elegant and unforgettable evening.

Now enjoy some photos by the official Blogger Prom photographer Heather Kincaid: