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Yamashiro’s new remodeled lounge

Last renovated in the 1980’s, the newly remodeled lounge is designed with a mixture of both classic and modern touches that really bring the lounge to life. Mixing old Hollywood glamour with modern industrial sleekness allows for a more open and inviting ambiance, that will be sure to impress any date. Whether you are just having a drink before your reservation or enjoying the amazing view and cocktails, the lounge is the perfect spot for a night out on the town like no other.

Before renovation
After renovation
New Year’s Eve

Original doors from the 100 year old structure are used for the back-lit ceiling installation and provides a glance at the vast history of the restaurant. The gold chandelier that once hung in the outdoor summer home (which now houses our amazing Buddha sculpture) now lends it’s opulent beauty to the inside of the restaurant.

Chandelier and door instillation



Drink Highlight: The Lychee Martini

One of our favorite cocktails is the ever-fascinating Lychee Martini! A refreshingly sweet mix of vodka, lychee sake, lychee juice, and then garnished with a lychee itself, this is one to be curious about.

What is a lychee, you wonder? Well, it is a berry native to southern China, Tawain and Southeast Asia, where it is known to be the “King of Berries.” It is very fragrant and almost perfume-like with a rough, light-red rind that is inedible but can be easily removed to reveal a white or pale pink, translucent pulp that is very sweet in flavor. It is also good for you, as it is high in Potassium and the antioxidant Vitamin C!

hCh0RoiuLE-rEaVe95cBBaBmsmOYF-Ip-BVuUk26Qy0Although we have the Lychee Martini available to you year-round, the sweet, floral aura of the lychee makes it the perfect springtime drink to get accustomed to!