Favorite Instagrams this Month

It’s no secret that many people Instagram while at Yamashiro, but did you know that we were recently listed by Best Food LA as number 15 on their list of 50 most instagrammed restaurants? Whether it is photos of the view, the food, the cocktails, or of the loved ones they are dining with, our guests love to share their Yamashiro moments and we love seeing them all. This week, we’ve decided to share our favorite Instagram shots of the month, straight from all of you! Make sure to check out these Instagram users at the bottom of the page, and thanks for sharing your Yamashiro memories with the world. Keep sharing using #Yamashiro or tagging @yamashirola!

ccd dreamcatcher9 it.suits.me pursurepleasure scarletandgraceweddings xoxohungrygirl cindygromero decent.exposure ohdimi

Instagram photos, in order of appearance: @cdc.jpg, @dreamcatcher9, @it.suits.me, @pursuepleasure, @scarletandgraceweddings, @xoxohungrygirl, @cindygromero, @decent.exposure, @ohdimi

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